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'Justice Upheld' is a British registered Human Rights charity. We advice and represent victims of human rights abuses and help them to address those abuses via legal process and procedures.

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Migrant workers abandoned by Joannou & Paraskevaides (Overseas) Ltd (In...

Modern Slavery: We understand from the Indian authorities that following our intervention that Mr Ganapathy Malayandi Vairaban (pictured) one of... read more

18.03.2019 • By Justice Upheld

Modern Slavery - Abandoned Migrant Workers In Saudi Arabia

Modern Slavery: Migrant worker abandoned by Joannou & Paraskevaides (Overseas) Ltd (In Liquidation) (‘JPO’) in Saudi Arabia admitted into... read more

14.03.2019 • By Justice Upheld

Modern Slavery - Persecution of Migrant Workers Under ‘Kafala’

26 year old Indian national Gurwinder Singh from Punjab travelled to Saudi Arabia in December, 2015 to work as a Heavy Goods Driver at ‘Ayub... read more

29.04.2018 • By Justice Upheld

Release Taliban issue A ‘Fatwa’ Against A Sikh Man For Refusing to Shut...

Pakistani Sikh on the run from the Taliban In 2004, 44 year old Harjit Singh (not his real name), a Pakistani national and a baptised Sikh... read more

07.04.2018 • By Justice Upheld